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Job One Careers provides customized employment services to individuals with disabilities.

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We are seeking an Employment Specialist who will tailor job-placement services based on a person’s unique abilities, skills and career interest.  Experience in sales, marketing, and the ability develop positive relationships with employers and vendors required. Working with students and adults with disabilities is a plus. The candidate must meet established monthly goals to provide positive employment outcomes for clients. 

You must be flexible with time and willing to travel locally on company business in personal or company vehicle. Must respect the rights and dignity of people with disabilities and willingness to advocate on their behalf.

Other requirement include:

Bachelor’s degree (Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Human Resources, Business Administration, Public Administration, Nonprofit Management.)

Affirmative drug and alcohol screening.

Affirmative criminal/abuse background check.

Please send Resume and Cover Letter to the Director of Recruiting & Staffing at [email protected]

Job Details:


The Employment Specialist tailors job-placement services based on a person’s unique abilities, skills, and career interests. The Employment Specialist conducts Discovery and Exploration activities and on-site job training and job-retention supports and services for our clients to provide customized employment services. Participate in the development of vocational interest; provide one-on-one training for supported individuals on his/her competitive job; maintains accurate and timely documentation of client progress with clear communication to immediate supervisor; to assure training effectiveness; responsiveness, performance, quality and customer satisfaction. The Employment Specialist will have skills in work site analysis including the ability to identify opportunities for job restructuring and other techniques to accommodate the needs of a person with a disability. They will also have experience and skill in sales and marketing with the goal of developing positive relationships with employers to create a positive impression of supported employment in the community.  



Bachelor’s degree required; Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Human Resources, Business Administration, Public Administration, Nonprofit Management.  Experience may substitute for degree. 



1+ year experience in leading programs for people with developmental disabilities is desired 

Previous experience in business, marketing or working with individuals with disabilities in vocational rehabilitation setting is required 

Excellent organizational and leadership skills 

Ability to work with multiple constituency groups, including funders, parents and government regulators. 

MDVR and DMH billing knowledge desired  



MS Office:  Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet.   


 Must have a valid driver’s license at time of application and obtain a Class E Chauffeur’s License within 30 days of hire. 



Knowledge of programs and services for people with developmental disabilities preferred 

Willingness to travel on company business in personal or company vehicle. 

Exceptional written, oral, and communication skills. 

Ability to be flexible.  

Respect the rights and dignity of people with developmental disabilities and willingness to advocate on their behalf. 

Affirmative drug and alcohol screening.   

Affirmative criminal/abuse background check. 



  • Exhibits support of and adherence to P.E.O.P.L.E. Values Statement. 
  • Conducts community outreach and develops community-based program assessment and job placement sites.  
  • Partner with other staff to build upon existing linkages with the civic and business community that might lead to employment opportunities. 
  • Develops effective strategies for individualized job development and placement.  
  • Develops and expands community referral sources.  
  • Attends training and other events to establish collaborative relationships with other entities that work with job-seekers with disabilities.  
  • Establishes and maintains employer contacts.  
  • Participates in activities related to job development and placement.  
  • Meets established outcomes goals to provide positive employment outcomes for clients. 
  • Educates employment communities regarding work experience opportunities for program individuals. Provides prospective employers with appropriate program information; responds to employers’ bias and concerns regarding hiring persons with disabilities.  
  • Develops full range of community-based assessment sites through negotiations and partnering with area businesses in all areas served.  
  • Administers formal testing, as needed and required, and utilizes Discovery & Exploration with clients according to VR & DMH Definitions; to provide career assessment and planning, job development and placement, job search strategies.  
  • Assists program individuals with accessing community resources to ensure the successful post- employment transition.  
  • Provides training and job services according to established policies and procedures.  
  • Provides employee development by utilizing individual work or work-related activities to assist individuals to understand the meaning, value, and demands of work; to modify or develop attitudes, personal characteristics, and work behavior; and to develop functional capacities, as required, to assist individuals in reaching their optimum level of vocational development.  
  • Provides job readiness to program individuals who are job ready and possess current vocational skills, either through training or past work history, but are in need of being taught how to seek, find, and maintain employment.  
  • Provides job seeking skills, through individual instruction or counseling, including information on employment techniques, filling out applications, learning to prepare a resume, communication skills, socialization skills, job maintenance skills, and help with job placement.  
  • Assists program individuals in adjusting to job placement; participates in job coaching and on-the-job training or supports case management services.  
  • Transports program individuals, when related to vocational assessment, job development and job retention services, as directed or approved by supervisor.  
  • Assists program individuals with performance on the new job tasks and helps them understand the job culture, industry practices, and work behaviors expected by the employer. 
  • Trains employers and co-workers to understand the training methods and accommodations needed by the program individual.  
  • Performs routine follow-up with the employer and program individuals to address issues such as a decrease in productivity, new tasks, changes in work schedule, adjusting to new supervisor, possible cultural barriers and managing changes in non-work environments or other critical life activities affecting work performance. Writes case notes and summaries (including analysis, reasoning, and comments) within 48 hours of service delivery so that others can understand the clients progress; reports verbally on the client progress to their referring agency or other collaborators; and prepares written vocational case reports; maintains records, and composes relative correspondence.  
  • Abides by ethical and legal consideration of case communication and recording (i.e. HIPAA compliance) Meets performance goals for customer satisfaction, referrals and placement as defined by department management.  
  • Maintains professional appearance, appropriate to the day’s tasks.  

To apply for this job email your details to khankins@jobonekc.org