Opportunities for Growth

Community connections fuel so many of the opportunities for growth at JobOne. A good number of our outstanding customers were obtained because somebody who knew, or cared about JobOne made a connection to someone with a business that happened to need the commercial services offered by JobOne. Because of mutual connections, we can quickly establish an understanding of need and capability, while building trust with our customers.

JobOne currently has a great deal of excess capacity in our packaging and assembly line of business, better known as our workshops. Please take a few minutes to consider your social and work connections and consider those who own, run, or work for companies that might be a good packaging and assembly business partner with JobOne. We are currently engaged in a number of activities in our workshops, including cleaning and detailing product, sorting, assembling consumer products, stuffing envelopes for mailers, building complicated street sweeper brushes, and custom packaging.

Our packaging and assembly employees, as well as our staff, are highly skilled and eager to help your business.