Meet a Member: Sarah Kinder

Get to know the Job One Board of Directors!

Sarah Kinder, Board Member

What is your “why” for being a board member?

To simply sum up my “why” is easy… my why is my children. I was blessed with a servant heart and strongly believe we are all placed on this earth to create a sense of community, acceptance, love and togetherness. Through my actions, I want my children to fully grasp this belief and become even better human beings than myself. I want them to notice, understand, love, support and truly accept other individuals who are different from themselves.

What do you enjoy about being a Job One board member?

My all-time favorite, heart-exploding, soul-lifting, rainbows and unicorns, happiest feeling in the world is hearing our employees share their success stories and witnessing firsthand their pure happiness. The feeling is indescribable.

I have also been inspired by several of my fellow board members. One of those individuals is Yolanda. She once said, “Use your powers for good.” That has continued to stick with me. I have witnessed the pure power of a group of people from different backgrounds, with different connections in the community, and different views collaborate together to achieve goals bigger than we could achieve individually.

Do you have a favorite Job One memory?

I am extremely proud of my involvement with our fundraising event, Cause-ino Night. Over the past two years, we have set lofty goals for our fund-raising efforts and we were able to exceed those goals! I love that we get to expose people to our mission and organization in a fun and uplifting environment. Their support is a prime example of the passion our community has for helping others.