Nonprofit agencies, especially those that receive public funds, are under a great deal of scrutiny these days.  Funders, regulators, donors, and taxpayers rightly want to know how nonprofits are managing their money and making important decisions that impact the lives of those the nonprofit is incorporated to serve.  Nonprofits receive special tax status from the IRS and tax dollars paid for by hard working citizens.  The board and staff of JobOne believe one of the best ways to be accountable, is to be very transparent.  Being open and accountable for all we do builds trust with our funders, donors, employees and other stakeholders. This does not mean that we always make everybody happy, all the time, but when we do make difficult decisions, or get something wrong, it is done in the open.

Our website provides great opportunity(s) for the public to see what we are up to.  You’ll find annual reports, newsletters and information about how to receive e-communications, and board minutes.

I appreciate the care and concern that so many of you have for this organization and I’m very happy to have the ability to share with you the good work that we do.

Until next time,
Aaron Martin-CEO JobOne