Federal Government Shutdown Has Real World Consequences

At Job One, 70 percent of our revenue is earned through business services, like our Shred One KC program, and contracts with commercial businesses or organizations, such as Blue Valley Industries.

A significant portion of our earned revenue and nearly 50 good jobs are provided through AbilityOne contracts with the United States Federal Government. These contracts with the government are awarded to Job One through SourceAmerica ––a national nonprofit that helps administer employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The types of contract work are typically custodial, document destruction, mailroom, and other professional services.

Thousands of workers with disabilities throughout the United States are employed by the Federal Government through SourceAmerica. The most recent government shutdown, which was thankfully short, had potential to inflict real damage on Job One employees and those around the country.

While a short-term solution to reopen the government was reached, I’m concerned that a long-term shutdown is possible. And the next shutdown won’t just be a political abstraction ––it will have real-world consequences. Thousands of US citizens, including many from Job One, will be forced to stay home from work, putting their livelihoods in jeopardy. Job One employees working in federal facilities will be locked out. Government agencies that send large volumes of documents to shred at Shred One KC will stop shipments. Job One will lose revenues that we need to operate and pay all of our workers. Another government shutdown will have a direct impact on our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

This is not a political post nor is it an immediate call to action. Rather, this blog is an attempt to illustrate the potential damage that can be inflicted by our ongoing political instability. By following Job One on social media and signing up for our newsletter, you can stay up-to-date on these types of political changes and how you can help Job One in a time of need.