Does Your Business Have A Shred Plan?

If you own or manage a business, you should have a plan for how you process and destroy important documents and data materials. Gone are the days of just tossing papers and equipment in the trash bin – even if you shred them on your own in the office. With privacy concerns and identity theft, the liability of how you dispose of these materials can be critical for businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, the Shred One KC division of Job One has robust commercial solutions for businesses and organizations in our area. In fact, we are one of the few locally-owned professional shredding operations in the Kansas City area.

Shred One KC offers a variety of services, no matter what your size or type of business, or whether you have one box or hundreds of boxes of documents to destroy. We can design a customized information destruction program to fit your needs through a scheduled rotation service, or an as-needed bulk purge.

With Shred One KC regular scheduled rotation service, we supply you with locked and slotted security bins at no charge and will return on a predetermined schedule to service your bins. You are only charged for the shredding process. Our standard bins include the executive cabinet or 64-gallon container. We also offer other size bins to fit your specific needs.

If bulk or periodic purges are a better fit for your organization, we can design a solution for that too. In addition to the daily paper generated in your workplace, you may have a need to discard bulk documents and/or data materials at certain times. Whether it is a large or small quantity, we can help you destroy those confidential documents and data materials so they don’t pile up, and you stay compliant, protecting your business, clients, and employees.

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