Job One Training: Snow Safety

Snow – Having Fun and Staying Safe!

The falling snow brings lots of changes that affect everyone; changes in weather, driving, traveling, playing outside, and clothing.
As much as people complain about the snow and cold, it can be fun too.

Winter isn’t the time to stay indoors and wait for warm weather to return, get out there and enjoy the variety of activities it brings; sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and skating, just to name a few.

While it is nice to get outdoors, please remember you should stay inside if the temperature or the wind chill falls below -25 C (-13 F). This is the temperature at which exposed skin freezes in a few minutes.

Keep in mind while you are out in the snow and cold, you also have to stay safe. Job One offers the following tips to help you stay safe while having fun in the snow.

Dress for Success: Since most activities involve the outdoors and playing in the snow, it will be cold and wet. Be sure to dress in layers and wear proper clothing to stay warm, being warm = happiness.

  • Wear proper winter clothing; hats, gloves or mittens, snow pants, winter coat and snow boots – waterproof is important as it will keep you drier longer. Remember to change clothes if you do get wet.
  • Try to avoid wearing scarves as they may get caught in a sled and may become a strangulation risk.
  • While participating in winter sports it is important to wear a helmet. Hitting your head on ice, hard snow or a tree could cause serious damage,

Plan ahead for Traveling: When planning travel, be aware of current and forecast weather conditions.

  • Avoid traveling when the weather service has issued any advisories.
  • If you must travel, inform a friend or relative of your route and expected time of arrival.
  • Allow enough time. People get hurt when they try to shovel in a hurry.
  • Don’t shovel if you are not physically fit, shoveling causes strain on your heart and back. Don’t shovel if you are older, overweight or have back or heart issue.

Winter Play: Being active by making snow angels and building snowmen will help to keep your warm. Here are some important rules when playing outside in the snow.

  • Stay away from snowplows and snow blowers.
  • Choose play areas away from roads, fences and water.
  • Take extra caution when crossing roads. It might be hard for drivers to see you playing if they have snowy or frosty windows. Icy roads can also make it difficult to stop.
  • Snowballs should never be aimed at people or cars. They are especially dangerous when the snow is hard-packed or icy.
  • Building forts and tunnels can be fun, but you must be extra careful. Forts and tunnels can collapse causing you to be in danger.
  • Don’t eat snow, it can be dirty.

Winter Sports: There are so many winter sports that are fun and keep you active in the winter months. While it’s great to get out and try these sports, it is important to be safe while doing them.

Shoveling: Snow falling means shoveling. Not all snow is the same, depending on the weather conditions; sometimes it’s light and fluffy, it can be heavy and wet, and it could be hard and icy.

Have fun and stay safe this winter season!

1. Walk flat footed and take short steps
2. Wear footwear that provides traction
3. Step down, not out, from curbs
4. Use your arms for balance
5. Carry only what you can