What is a Training Specialist?

Communities are filled with diverse opportunities and connections that enrich our lives and give us purpose. Every community member can benefit from engaging, connecting, and contributing to their own communities. Here at Job One, we recognize how essential community access is to leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. We also understand that not everyone experiences the same benefits and barriers to community access. Adults with disabilities often have less connection to their communities due to several barriers. Some adults lack transportation or access to their community. Some have never been given an opportunity to safely explore or try new things within their community. There are also those who, because of their past experiences, feel they do not belong to their community. Job One Community-Based Day Services (CBDS) believes everyone deserves the chance to connect, engage, and belong to their community.

What does a Job One Training Specialist do?

  • Help adults learn about their community through safe community outings and activities
  • Connect adults with peers who live near them and enjoy similar interests
  • Support adults in learning how to navigate community settings
  • Empower community members to give back and contribute to their community
  • Allow adults to try new things with support and guidance to build confidence
  • Assist adults in setting and achieving personal goals related to increasing personal independence and self-reliance
  • Partner with CBDS participants to seek what is important to them and help them live the life of their choice