Job One Donor Spotlight: MBPI

Generous donors make it possible for Job One to fulfill our mission of providing employment choices and services for people with disabilities. This month, we visited with George Meiners with Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI) based in Lee’s Summit, MO. We are grateful for the long-time support from MBPI and George, who formerly served as a Job One Board Member. Read on for our Q&A with George Meiners. 

Q: Why do you choose to support Job One?

A: MBPI chooses to support Job One because it believes in its mission of building skills and connections that create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Just as MBPI believes in helping its employees to continually improve their skills in order to build a better life for themselves, so does Job One. People are people and employees are employees no matter what their ability is. MBPI wants to positively impact its community and by advocating for Job One, it does just that.

Q: How have you seen Job One make a difference in our community?

A: Job One has taken hundreds of its employees and given them an opportunity to construct, fix or tear down commercial products and to also service other companies at their place of business. My family’s hotel business has utilized Job One employees and it has been a rewarding experience for both the Job One employee and the hotel employees. The interactions between the employees have been incredible.

Q: Why should others support Job One?

A: By supporting Job One, you are supporting your community; specifically, you are supporting a portion of society that needs your help but also wants to help out in return.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory or moment from your experience with Job One?

A: I have many fond moments from being on the board for so many years. However, a funny moment that stands out:  I was on a tour with a potential board member at the workshop.  All of a sudden, he sneezes. About 50 Job One employees simultaneously yell, “God Bless You.” I think that summarizes who you would be helping with your advocacy. (That potential board member was so affected by this group act of kindness that he signed on as a board member!)

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