5 Reasons to Destroy Old Hard Drives & Digital Media

Whether your old personal PC or company laptops, there is sensitive data stored on each and every machine, including phones, tablets, printers, copies and scanners. Personal information, client information, bank account and financial records, addresses, social security numbers, health care information, tax filing records – the list of data housed on hard drives that can be misused in the wrong hands. Even if you think you’ve erased the data, think again. Most data is recoverable. Hackers with ill intent know how to access data, even on machines that have been “wiped.” Destruction is the only way to fully protect yourself and your business.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should destroy old hard drives and digital media with Shred One KC:

1.) Destroy Data

Simply deleting files is not enough. Recovery software is readily available and malicious users are well-versed in unlocking data for criminal purposes. Shred One KC uses an industrial process to crush, puncture and obliterate hard drives and media making them completely inoperable. The resulting material is impossible to reconstruct, making your hard drive data completely unrecoverable.

2.) Customer Confidence

Your customers entrust you to protect their data. Knowing you have a plan in place to securely manage their data should be part of the service you provide. Not only is it good business practice, it demonstrates that you care about your customers and their privacy.

3.) Limit Liability

By destroying old hard drives, not only are you limiting opportunities for malicious misuse of data, you are protecting yourself from potential fines and compliance issues. Most industries have privacy practices, standards and or regulations, such as HIPAA for healthcare, that require a process for data management and destruction. Shred One KC is a  NAID AAA Certified operation, meaning we maintain best practices for industry compliance with all known data protection laws. 

4.) Clear the Clutter

Save valuable space in your home or office by clearing out old computer equipment. Large desktop hard drives can take up a lot of valuable space (not to mention the maze of cords!). Destroying old hard drives can not only help you breathe easier knowing your data is protected, it can also help you have a more productive workspace.

5.) Support the Social Mission

Working with Shred One KC for your shredding and digital media destruction needs has many benefits. In addition to providing top-quality, professional shredding service, Shred One KC operates with a social mission of providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our hardworking employees take great pride in helping Shred One KC customers protect their data and businesses.

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