Let the L❤VE Flow

Thank you to our donors and friends

The love and support we receive from our community truly makes our hearts happy. Because of generous donors, sponsors and friends, Job One is able to continue our mission of providing employment opportunities and community services for people with disabilities. Together, we are helping these individuals achieve new levels of personal independence each day, and we are so grateful. 

You can show your support for Job One in many different ways

Become a One Fund Member – When you sign up for a $25 recurring donation, you can receive a limited edition Charlie Hustle Job One tee! 

Become a Corporate Sponsor – Sponsorships are a great way to support an array of programs and services and provide the fuel that Job One needs to continue to grow and innovate, while adding marketing and promotional benefits for your organization.

Take a Tour –  In the past year alone 82 individuals and groups toured Job One.  These tours have helped kickstart so many positive relationships and they make our employees feel really special and important.

Utilize Job One Employment Services at Your Business – Job One can help you outsource large Packaging & Assembly projects or we can help you find a great employee.  In addition, we are always looking for partners for our Summer Work Experience Program.

❤ Connect with Us on Social Media –  You can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @JobOneKC

Learn more about all Job One services at JobOneKC.org. If you would like to show your support by making a direct donation, visit www.JobOneKC.org/donate.